Mockups are growing in relevance as designers continue to employ them in making presentations to clients. The idea is to make a full rendering of a design on products of a client’s brand, and see how it works.

Postcards are majorly used to send letters and notes to loved ones, especially on festive occasions. However, they happen to find themselves useful in mockups, and if you can manipulate them creatively, you’ll stand out from the myriad of designers who use mockups.

They offer a unique way of making presentations with a touch of professionalism and simplicity. They are seamless in usage and can be done in a jiffy.

Whether you are a freelance designer or you are an employee of a company, these postcard mockups will surely revamp the way you make presentations and stand you out as a classy graphics designer.

Check them out below.

1. Vintage Postcard Mockup 

Vintage Mockup

If a vintage design picks your fancy all the time, you can have it in a postcard mockup. You can do this effortlessly in a couple of minutes, and even edit to suit your preference like changing its color. And if your design happens to occupy its space of 1000 x 700 px, then it’s needless changing the color. You can even improve the artwork, change the position of the design, and make a bold statement about your creative level. It’s up to you.


2. 3 Sets of Postcard Mockups (Fully editable)

3 Postcard Mockups

This Postcard mockup is set up randomly to showcase both the frontside and backside of your card design. We love this mockup because of the beautiful blue color on it and we know you’re going to love it too.


3. Horizontal Postcard

Postcard Mockup Free PSD scaled

If you want to make a life-like presentation of your creation, then having your design on a horizontal postcard held by a lady is the way to go. The good part is that you can change the background of the mockup and the color of the postcard. It’s pretty simple to achieve. It’s then left for you to go creative in trying out the available options to see what works and have a jaw-dropping presentation.


4. Free Hanging Postcard Mockup



5. Floating Postcard Mockup 

Free Floating Postcard Mockup PSD

If you want to add a magical effect to your presentation while retaining its professional touch, then this is for you. Both cards are suspended in the air with their shadows reflecting on the rear wall. The view is pretty, but you can alter it with a few manipulations here and there to suit your taste. This is also great if you have two beautiful designs to flaunt. You can pair them up with a wonderful mockup template, and knock yourself out with a photo-realistic presentation.


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6. Real Estate Business Postcard 

Real Estate Business Postcard MOCKUP

If you freelance for a real estate company or you work full-time, then search no further on a mockup for your presentation. This one has got you covered with an envelope and a pile of postcards. With the help of smart objects, you can customize the space around the stacks of cards and envelope to suit your taste. Your design should also be consistent with the colors and styles of the company, so you should have that in mind when customizing. Just like the others, this one is easy to do and saves time.


7. Invitation Card Mockup 

If you design invitation cards for clients, get them to appreciate your work better with this clean postcard mockup that’s sheer beauty. It features a male hand holding the envelope on one hand and lifting the invitation card out of the envelope with the other hand. You are free to customize both the card and envelope, thanks to smart objects and other handy tools. All you need is to get your creative juices flowing and manipulate your way into making a jaw-dropping exhibition to your client.


8. Hand Cream Postcard Mockup 

Free Premium Handcream Postcard Mockup

The beauty of mockups is that there’s something for everyone regardless of niche or industry. So if your design tentacles extended to the cosmetic industry, then this is for you. You can simply drag and drop your design on the postcard and the tube. But who says you should stop there when you can just customize as you please and raise the eyebrows of that customer. You can change the color of the postcard, its envelope, and even the tube to suit the brand of your client. In less than 5 minutes, you can have your professional design presented dazzlingly to the awe of your client.


9. Folded Postcard Mockup 

This folded postcard comes in PSD format and is free to download. Think of a unique way to spread the word about your brand or the one you represent, and this comes in handy. You have two folded postcards you can use to display both front and back designs. This mockup design affords you the liberty to manipulate, and customize as you want. With its smart objects feature, there are no limits to what you can achieve in terms of transforming this mockup. You can customize the background color, and filter the scene to your unique taste. Just don’t forget to wear your creative hat.


10. Postcard Mockup on Marble Table

Simple yet elegant, this free postcard mockup on a marble round table will get a generous amount of compliments anywhere it’s presented. To further spice things up, it comes with a blend of shades and reflects the shadow of sunlight on both sides of the table. The outcome is entirely up to your creativity in editing and making the best out of what you have. You can get started with just a click on the upload button, and have your design appear on the mockup.


P.S: All of them can be downloaded for free and used seamlessly. Some come in PSD format while some can be used on any designing application.

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