As a designer, you want to impress your current and potential clients by showcasing your designs in elegant ways. 

And you know sticker mockups can help you get the job done…

But the challenge you and some other designers have today is finding and choosing the best from the countless ones which are overwhelming.

Luckily, we have done the tedious job of finding the best sticker mockups for you and here are the 12 best you can find today:

1. Premium Sticker Mockup for PhotoshopPremium Sticker Mockup for Photoshop

If you want to use a premium sticker mock-up for Photoshop, here the perfect one for you. This sticker, however, comes in a small size but your clients and the potential ones will get your message and will remember your brand because of the imprint it left in their minds.


2. Free Laptop Sticker MockupSticker mockup displaying near a journal

The laptop sticker mockup comes with a real framework. If you’re a designer whose business is based on creating labels for products like laptops, then this is one of the best sticker mockups for laptops you can get. With it, you’ll find it easy to edit and re-design this template to suit your taste. Hence, it helps you showcase your sticker design in a realistic platform.


3. Laptop Sticker Mockup PSDsticket mockup laptop

Unlike the free laptop sticker mockup above, this one is in a distinct PSD format. To make it a great way for presenting design, the sticker in this mockup is positioned on an Apple MacBook laptop. 


4. Phone Sticker Mockup Featuring a Classic Box

If your client is one of the many people who prefer to flaunt a sticker of their brand on their smartphones, then this is the right sticker for you. Anyways, this is a sticker mockup showcasing an iPhone in a chic wooden box. You simply upload the image you want to use, fine-tune it to match what you want –if necessary– and voila! you’re done. It’s that simple and straightforward. 


5. 8 Sticker & Logo Mockup Bundle

sticker mockup bundle

The interesting thing about the 8 Sticker & Logo Mockup is that it gives you a photorealistic preview of what your designs would look like when printed. You get 8 volumes of stickers with different background quality options, floor texture and color customization. Whether you’re using this sticker mockup personally or for clients’ projects, you can numerous options from this mockup which will help you get the most admirable sticker designs seamlessly. Additionally, you can upgrade to their premium sticker mockups if you feel you want more customization choices for your sticker designs.


6. Realistic Sticker Mockup

Whether you’re a newbie or expert designer, this sticker mockup can be used by you. By getting this sticker mockup, you’ll have well-coordinated and fully layered Photoshop files that make you edit texts, fonts, color, layout and, overall, change the artwork to your own design easily!


7. Fruit Sticker Mockup

fruit sticker mockup

In case you get a client who’s into the business of vegetables, fruits and other edible products, here’s a sticker you can use for them for branding. Using stickers for their business is a long-term way of advertising their brand and creating awareness. The fruit sticker mockup is a suitable sticker mockup for branding and marketing. There are 6 different presentations of stickers in a fruit that you can choose from. The background is editable and the graphics are of high-quality.


8. Foil Badge Sticker Design Mockup in PSD

As explained above, stickers can be used for branding and can help you create awareness campaigns. But unlike the above which is used for food business, this foil badge sticker design mockup can be used for other niches. As a designer, you can use the sticker mockups to retouch your designs and craft unique projects. And it can be presented in a red, silver or gold foil. Also, you can change the color to any option if the aforementioned doesn’t suit your need. Additionally, this sticker had a wonderful light and shadow effects that bring a more fascinating view.


9. Round Roll Sticker Mockup

This is one of the best sticker mockups you can use to showcase your designs in a realistic environment. They are not just right for branding but several purposes such as displaying discounts. Its pack comes with 10 PSD files of high resolution 6000 X 4000 pixels, 300 DPI. By using the round roll stickers, you can seamlessly design and change colors of the roll the way you want.  


10. Die Cut Stickers Mockup 2

One of the ways of enhancing children’s development is by using stickers for fun.  As a designer, you do not have to create only serious designs but amusing, funny and cute stickers that kids will love. The Die-cut stickers mockup can do just that for you. They come in different sizes and shapes and will undoubtedly bring life to your 2D design. They come in 8 views with a high resolution of 3000 X 2000 pixels at 3000 DPI.


11. Peeling Sticker Editable Mockup PSD

If you want to boost your client’s brand awareness as a designer, incorporating the correct and top-notch labels on their products is very essential. If your client’s product is made of real material, you can help them design labels that they can add, indicating their product is of top quality. The Peeling Sticker Editable Mockup PSD can help you with this. It has a peeling round sticker with a gray background. Add your client’s logo, business name, or whatever you’d like to help them add using the smart object layer.


12. Die Cut Stickers Mockup

If your client requests for an awesome manner to present his or her sticker designs in a realistic setting, the Die Cut Stickers Mockup is the right choice for them. The stickers mockup comes with 6 PSD views in high resolution 3500 X 2333 pixels, 300 DPI. It is only available in Photoshop format and the difference between it and the Die Cut Stickers Mockup 2 isn’t so much.



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