If you need information on how to download the free version or get a Creative Cloud subscription of the number one video editing software for designers, Adobe Premiere Pro, then you are in good hands.

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Is Adobe Premiere Pro available for free download?

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Premiere Pro has a paid program in place, but the good news is you can download it for free directly from Adobe and opt-in for a seven-day free trial on your PC, MacBook or iPad. Not only will this grant you full access to the amazing features and latest updates on the software, but you’ll also get a first-hand experience that will help you determine if you are impressed enough to purchase the paid version at the end of the trial.

Here’s the best part: you won’t need to input your card details to access the free trial.

Having established the legitimate way to go about accessing Premiere Pro for free, be warned of resorting to other means or tricks to achieve this. Asides being an act of piracy, you will be endangering yourself to harmful malware and viruses.

Our advice: Go through the right door

How can I download Premiere Pro as part of the Creative Cloud?

The first step is to proceed to Adobe site and select any of the options they offer – a single-app plan (just Premiere Pro), or a plan that offers the full collection of creative apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, amongst others.

If you are looking to cut costs in the long-run, then you should opt for the latter option.

More so, students, businesses, teachers, or individual users have the option of saving 65 % off in their first year of using Premiere Pro as part of the full collection.

What is the cost of Premiere Pro?

If you are interested in the cheaper way to purchase Premiere Pro, then you might want to get it alone for $20.99 / £19.97 / €23.99 per month., as opposed to opting for the full collection. Although we feel the plan you decide on will be largely dependent on your needs.

What you get for purchasing Premiere Pro as a stand-alone app:

– Access to all the latest features and available updates upon release.
– 100BG of cloud storage
– Premiere Rush
– Adobe Portfolio, Fonts, and Spark for fast graphics creation tailored to your brand.

If you are thinking more long-term, then you might want to consider the yearly payment plan which costs an upfront fee of $240 / £238 / €287.

For access to the entire collection of the Creative Cloud apps for PC and mobile (Premiere Pro included), then be prepared to pay $52.99 / £49.94 / €59.99 per month.

For discounts and special offers, do well to follow Adobe’s page closely.

How do I get started in Premiere Pro?

So, you have downloaded the Adobe Premiere Pro plan that suits your video editing needs, the next step is to get into practice.
If you are simply looking to edit YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram videos, then Adobe’s Premiere Rush for mobile may be best suited for easy navigation.

For more high-end editing, then online tutorials should be utilized to help you better get started and perfect usage.

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