If you’re in the business of building websites, you know for sure that it has never been easier than it is today. Basically, what you need to know how to do is drag and drop the right sets of templates and voila! a standard website is ready for launch.

You also know that there are thousands of templates available today. And that one of the very best of them are the Elementor template kits.

But right now, you’re faced with the challenge of using Elementor template kits to build a WordPress website. Even though you and I know for sure that these template kits are easy to use. 

This is because Elementor works hard to regularly launch new sets of template kits that are suitable for any niche you want to build a WordPress website for.

In this post, we’re going to show you how you can use these Elementor template kits easily and get your website ready without wasting too much time.

But before that, let’s look at some of the Elementor Template Kits available.

10 Best Elementor Template Kits Available in 2020 and Their Suitable Niche

Here are some of the outstanding template kits made with Elementor and the niche each one can be used for: 

Starcom – perfect for building startup, SaaS, and agency websites.starcom elementor template kit


Serving – for business and services websites.serving elementor template kit


DMA – a reliable digital marketing agency template kit.dma elementor template kit


Dinery – for creating websites for restaurants dinery elementor template kit


Careerster – a modern Elementor template kits for CV/Resume.careerster elementor template kit


Takei – for creating news and magazine sites.takei elementor template kit


Courso – best suited for building a university, high school, primary, preschool and online education websites.courso elementor template kit


Hando – a clean Elementor template kits for corporate and portfolio websites.hando elementor template kit


Knox – for building apps and technology websites.knox elementor template kit


Flo – for building portfolio websites.flo elementor template kit


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Creating a WordPress Website with an Elementor Templates Kitelementor template kits blog featured image

There are numerous Elementor template kits – as listed above. And the one you’re going to use to build your website will mainly depend on the niche you’re going into.

Below are the general steps to build the website using Elementor template kits:

1. Install and Activate the Elementor Theme Builder

You are going to find numerous designs in your active WordPress theme but you don’t need to search for them, let alone, use them. Your Elementor Theme Builder and the template kit you intend to use will do the job.

Go to Appearance, click Theme, and then click Add New. Search for Hello Elementor, install and activate it.

Alternatively, you can install and activate it via Plugins. Go to Plugins, click on Add New, and search for Elementor Page Builder using the search box. When you see it, click on its Install Now icon and thereafter, activate it.

2. Create the Essential Pages for Your WordPress Website

The next thing you want to do now is to create the core pages on your website and this is pretty simple to do. These pages include Homepage, About Us page, Contact Us page, Clients page, Services/ Products page, Privacy Policy page and Blog Posts page.

Go to Pages and click on the Add New icon. 

The first page you’ll want to create is your Homepage. Name this page ‘Home Page’ and launch Elementor by clicking the button Edit with Elementor  

Go to your Page Settings and modify the layout to be Elementor Canvas (Use this when you want to create a custom header) or Elementor Fullwidth (If you choose this option you will be able to maintain your theme’s header and footer).

Thereafter, open the Elementor template library and search for the niche you’re working on. E.g. If you’re using Takei (which is for News and Magazine), search for News and Magazine.

The kit will provide you a list of different templates like the About Us, Services, Social Media, Contact Us, etc. Choose and insert the Home Page template.

After customizing, you can add another new page (Contact Us page for example) using the Elementor Finder. Modify the page layout as you did for the Home page. Open the template library and insert the Contact page template from the kit.

To create other pages, repeat the same technique used above. 

Your website can have a static or dynamic homepage. Whichever one you want to use; you’ll need to inform WordPress. To do this, go to Settings and click Reading. If you want your latest posts to appear as homepage, select Your latest posts. If otherwise, select A static page and choose from the Homepage Displays.

3. Customize Your Site’s Layout

Elementor Theme Builder is flexible. Hence, you are not only able to create and design static pages, but you can also design your site’s header, footer, single page, archive page, 404 page, etc. 

Using the Elementor template kit, you can import pre-made templates that match the static pages for them.

To customize them, go to Templates, then Theme Builder. Make sure to install Elementor Pro so that you can access the Theme Builder.

Upon getting to Theme Builder, click on any tab such as the header, footer, single page, etc. and edit to match your taste.

Benefits of Using Elementor Template Kits

There are numerous benefits of using Elementor template kits but you’ll love the kits mainly because of the reasons below:

1. No Coding Knowledge Required

This is one of the biggest benefits of using the Elementor template kits! If you do not know how to code or you don’t have the time to spend coding, Elementor is the way to go. These template kits are 100% free from coding.

2. Very Customizable

This is a core feature of any top-notch template kit. Elementor template kits are totally flexible. Hence, you are in full control when it comes to customizing the website you’re building the exact way you want. 

3. You Get a Premium Quality Website

Elementor template kits enable you to set up premium quality WordPress websites. 

4. You Save a Lot of Time

No one wants to waste too much time creating a website. You create an efficient and quality website in a jiffy.

On a Final Note

If you have carefully followed and applied the steps outlined in this post, then, you have just made an entire website with an Elementor template kit, using Elementor theme builder and pre-made templates. You can drop your comments and suggestions.

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