This article explains how you can easily embed tweets in WordPress posts and pages just like popular blogs and news websites have been doing.

So why exactly do we need to embed tweets in WordPress blog posts? The simple answer is…It is way much better than screenshots and embedding the tweet gives you the ability to see the stats in real-time.

Important note: If a tweet gets deleted the embedded tweet you have goes away too

How to embed tweets on in WordPress website/blog.

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The WordPress of today makes it super easy to embed so many things, things like videos, post from other social media networks, and more, this is possible thanks to a feature call oEmbed.

Let’s get started shall we? First you will need to go on the page where the actual tweet is. After that, click on the share icon icon on the bottom right, and then select ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option.

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Now head back to your blog post editor, click on the + icon to add a block, go to the embed option, and select Twitter. The block will be added and along it comes a field for you to input the URL of the tweet.

image 16

An embed block will be added as shown below, all you need to do now is past the tweet URL.

image 17

And that’s it, you’ve successfully embedded a tweet into your post, alternatively you can also past the link directly and the tweet will get embedded.

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