The Fastest WordPress Hosting to Pass Core Web Vitals (2021)

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The need to pass the core web vitals and page experience metrics in 2021 and beyond has never been important as Google has admitted several times that page speed a.k.a the metrics that make up core web vitals is one of its ranking signals and the company has started rolling out several updates to reflect this.

Just look at this tweet from @searchLiason for example:

There have been multiple discussions and guidelines on this way before the update started rolling out so everyone can prepare so I guess as a creator, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As stated in our previous article about WordPress themes to help you pass core web vitals, there are many pieces of the puzzle, a fast theme, image compression is one thing, using an Optimized ad platform to serve ads on your site is also another thing. Another major angle to look at is your web hosting server.

Enter, this post. Is your site hosted on a shared server on these cheap hosting platforms? Well, sorry, your odds of passing the page experience metrics are slim as you’re sharing resources with a ton of other sites whose activities, directly and indirectly, interfere with your website performance.

If you’re looking for reliable web hosting options for your website, which you should, we’ve made this guide for you. We’ve labeled them too for your needs if you have a small site or one with hundreds of thousands of monthly traffic. On a budget? You’ll find the right fit for you here.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cloudways (Best budget hosting option)

Cloudways web hosting

Cloudways is more than just a hosting company. In fact, in reality, it’s not. Cloudways is a provider of managed cloud hosting that doesn’t suck. The company partners with major server providers to provide you an environment to host your sites on your own server choice, location, size, and company conveniently while providing the tools you need to succeed.

The company works with a number of the best in the business and you can choose any of these companies servers to host your site:

  • Google cloud platform.
  • Vultr
  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon web services.
  • Linode.

The company also partners with other service providers like Stackpatch, MalCare to speed up and secure your site. One of the best things about choosing Cloudways is that you can scale up or down your hosting and even switch servers with ease.

That’s not all. Since Cloudways just acts as a bridge between you and those service providers, you can choose the hosting server or location of your choice within your dashboard. All our sites are hosted on Vultr high-frequency servers via Cloudways for added speed.

A number of other reasons to choose Cloudways include its provision of free SSL for all domains added, Varnish caching available on all servers for another extra layer of caching after the one you’ve had on WordPress, fast support (Live Chat), the ability to create optimized websites be it WordPress, or Magento and a host of others in one click.

We recommend Cloudways as the best budget hosting to try because its services are relatively cheap. Most of the server providers on the platform start at $11 with a 1GB RAM server size, Disk varies and totally depends on your choice. CDN features available starting at $1, dedicated emails too starting at $1, and backups too.

You can go for more premium server options on Cloudways too like Google’s cloud engine servers but they’re pricier.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your server choices and needs but Cloudways is a solid option we recommend any day and anytime.

2. WPX Hosting (Best option for small sites)

WPX Web hosting 1

WPX Hosting isn’t on this list only because it passes the Core Web Vitals test, one of their selling point is how many free addons you’re getting for just hosting on their platform.

With WPX own custom-built CDN speed shouldn’t be an issue when you’re hosting your website and if you’re moving your website on the platform you get everything moved at no additional cost.

With $24.99 Monthly or $249.96, WPX offers you all of these things below and more.

  • Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX* 
  • Unlimited SSLs 
  • Staging Areas 
  • Manual Backups 
  • DDoS Protection

We recommend WPX if you have small sites because the bandwidth and available disk space even on its highest tier plans are not a lot at all and are more suitable for small to medium content sites.

The support WPX also delivers is crazy fast and helpful. In fact, it’s one of their major selling points. Throughout the time our sites were hosted with them, all queries and problems were solved quickly. The company utilizes the power of WordPress caching and its in-house WPX Cloud CDN to deliver amazing speeds to the websites hosted on its platform. Definitely worth the try.

3. Kinsta (Best for overall performance)

Kinsta Web Hosting

Kinsta provides premium WordPress hosting for both small and large-scale websites. It’s also powered by Google Cloud’s premium network which is a huge plus and unlike other hosting platforms, Kinsta doesn’t give you the traditional cPanel admin panel.

You get to use their own custom-built admin panel which is not only easier to use but intuitive as well with great UI and UX design in mind. You also get some amazing features on the basic plan and some of these features are:

  • Upto 10GB SSD storage
  • Free CDN
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Automatic DB optimization
  • Upto 14days Backup retention
  • White-labeled cache plugin & Performance-monitoring tool

Kinsta hosting solution starts at $30/month and can go up to $400/month depending on what your website needs are. They also offer additional add-ons that are worth checking out and the one that caught our eyes is the External Backup addon which allows you to backup your website on to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage once per week/month at a starting price of $2/month.

Another thing worth mentioning is DevKinsta, this free tool allows you to build your website locally and it runs securely through Docker and you can easily push your work directly through the Kinsta staging environment.

In the web hosting world, Kinsta is popular and well known for its continued innovation and the quality of performance it delivers to its customers.

4. (Best option for large sites)

RocketDotNet Web Hosting prides itself as one of the easiest and secure WordPress hosting providers. The hosting platform is powered by Cloudflare Enterprise which does not require any configuration in order to give your website optimal performance.

Like WPX, also offers unlimited website migration and this is very important if you have not just one but a couple of websites you’re trying to move, all of this happens in minutes.

The starter plans cost about $30/mo you can also choose to pay just $1 for the first month on all their plans. We recommend this option as the better option for newer sites because its pricing tier for large sites doesn’t break the bank and it’s recommended by some big names in the industry like Jon Dykstra of Fat stacks Blog and a couple of others.

5. Siteground (Best option for fast support)

Siteground web hosting

But that’s not all Siteground is good for. Siteground is recommended by the biggest names in the industry for WordPress hosting, even itself recommends Siteground for hosting your WordPress site, that’s huge if you ask me, huge.

Siteground offers quite a lot of web hosting options including:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • Basic Web Hosting Packages
  • And a High performance Woocommerce Hosting.

These are all great products and are backed by thousands of users.

Siteground servers are powered by the Google cloud platform which is considered powerful and extremely fast amongst other available options. To have your website hosting on this engine, without Sitegroud, won’t be cheap however, with Siteground’s offerings you can get on this SSD-powered server with a network built for faster sites starting at $4.99/month.

Siteground also offers free CDN, SSL, professional emails with your domain name, daily backups and so much more on its plans including priority support for its top-tier users.

The web hosting platform also has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.

The top tier $14.99 plan also offers Ultrafast PHP delivery that speeds up load time especially TTFB. Worth the mention and absolutely worth trying.

That about rounds it up for a list of the best and fastest web hosting companies for your site to pass core web vitals and get all your scores green.

Right off the bat, we recommend Cloudways as the best option to go for since it encompasses all the best and most popular server providers in one simple solution and the ability to scale servers or switch easily when it comes to web hosting cannot be overemphasized.

You only pay for what you use on Cloudways too, which is an added advantage. Use this link to sign up for Cloudways, get $20 credit instantly towards your web hosting bills.

Kinsta and Siteground are two other solid options too.

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