This article is going to cover places where you can get free Figma UI kits to use in your design projects.

So why use a UI kit? The most common answer to that question is time, who doesn’t want to save time while working on their design projects?

UI kit is the way to go especially if you work in a fast-paced environment, UI kit also allows you to focus on the important parts of your tasks and if you’re a beginner you get to learn a lot by using UI kits.

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So why don’t we get to where we show you places you can get free Figma UI kits in 2021?

1. Figma

image 10

Yepp, if you put in the word “figma ui kits” on Google this is the first thing you will see as they say…Charity begins at home, hehehe!

The Figma templates section doesn’t just have UI kits alone, there are tons of design recourses you can use at zero cost except for your time and dedication.

2. FigmaCrush

image 11

Who wouldn’t have a crush on this site? Figma is taking the design world by storm and the guys at FigmaCrush decided, why not equip the designer with the proper resource?

UI kits is just one of the many things you can find at on this beautiful website you can also get icons, mockups of real devices and whatever Figma thing is out there.

3. Figma Freebies

image 12

Clever, innit? As the name implies..Freeebieees!

There isn’t much we can say about this website at the moment but we’re so in love with the dark mode UI they are currently rocking!

4. Figma Elements

Figma Elements - Free Figma UI Kits

If we’re to give an award for the best designed Figma resource website, it’s going to be Figma Elements.

Their catalog of UI kits is also one of the best we’ve seen from the list we’ve shared here, one of our favorite feature from this website is how the search form works, it brings out suggestions before you even finish typing your query.

Figma Elements Search bar

If plugins are your thing then you can head over to the plugins section and choose from wide ranges of Figma Plugins.

5. Figma Resources

image 13

Figma Resources made by designers for the Figma Design Community. We really love how clean and minimal this website looks and it gets straight to the point with no too much distractions.

6. FigmaFinder

image 14

Figma Finder helps you get started by showcasing some of the top Figma resources on their homepage.

The huge CTA button on the hero images also helps you scroll down to the lower parts of the website where all other resources are.

4 other places to get Free Figma UI Kits & Resources

7. UI Garrage

8. UI Store

9. FreebiesUI

10. SetProduct

Now you know where to get free Figma UI kits and other Figma resources. Tell us in the comment section which website is your favorite and why, we would love to know!

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